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    Great overall but there are connectivity issues

    • Written by from PITTSFORD

    This product works great but there are reliability issues specifically related to remaining connected to WiFi. The device does exactly what is advertised. I have very expensive bicycles in my garage and love the feature that it will warn me if the garage is left open (alarms are user definable) and I can close the door remotely. But the unit keeps disconnecting from WiFi episodically and attempts to reconnect it can be very frustrating. I have had to perform factory-resets multiple times and then the sequence of re-establishing a connection have not always worked and require repeated attempts. On two occasions I even suspect the device opened my garage door on its own relating to loss of connection. One might suggest the problem is with my WiFi environment in the house however I have multiple other connected devices that never loose connection including surveillance cameras, thermostat, pool controllers, security system, aquarium lighting, generator monitoring, Apple TV, iPads, iPhones, computers etc and none of these other devices every lose connections the way the MyQ garage opener does. The signal is excellent and even relocating the device did not improve the problem. My garage door opener is MyQ compatible. So in summary, I love the features and simplicity of use however reliability of the WiFi connection has been a recurrent problem.

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    OK by industry standards but...

    • Written by from OAKLAND

    So, this is a hardware and software combination. The garage door controller, the part reviewed here, says that it's universal. I don't know, I only used it with a Liftmaster operator which is a Chamberlain product and it worked fine. Still, the idea of a controller that connects to your wifi network and basically duplicates your clicker is, in my opinion, a pretty elegant solution. In the docs, there's a long list of manufacturers that it works with but there are no guarantees.

    Actually putting up the controller is pretty simple *but* I have two garage doors and this system only comes with *one* door sensor (how the system knows that the door is open or now). I had to call Chamberlain (Liftmaster) and work my way through their voicemail system to figure out how to purchase the second sensor. The on-line support was, actually, pretty friendly and helpful and once I got to the right place, they were able to do the entire transaction over the phone and everything went fine. But you'd think that Chamberlain would figure out a way that you could order the extra sensor from the web site.

    So, like I said, hanging all the hardware is very straight forward. Problem is the software and software/hardware interaction is pretty difficult to maneuver. I fiddled with it a lot and, finally, after basically resetting everything (controller, door operators, everything) back to zero, got it to work. At one point I had to leave it and come back after dinner. But I did get everything working.

    So now it's all working and going out at the beginning of the day works fine. I use the software to open and close the garage door. Please note that I have an Airport Express in the garage so wifi, you would think, is accessible all the time. Like I said, going out in the morning works fine, if you don't mind sitting in your car in the drive way for a little before the door closes.

    But coming back in the evening - not so much. Certainly not to the point where I would turn my spouse loose with this system. I have another company's alarm system and that works not over wifi but over cellular (sometimes). I try to time it so that the system is off as I'm driving up to the house. *But* before I can open the door, I must make sure that my phone has connected to my wifi network. The software for this system only works with wifi so if you're on cellular when you drive up, it throws an error and then I need to entirely kill the process to, make sure to connect to my wifi, and then restart the process to get it connect. And sometimes, it won't even let me use my passcode, throwing me all the way back to my logon and password. And when it does that, it forgets my passcode so I have to remember to reenter it. And round and round we go.

    Apple would never release a software/hardware combination that is this rough.

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    its look perfect

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    small but very useful product

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