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    • Written by from Eastchester

    JBL by Harmon is one of the best designers and engineers of sound! It has the light show, the amazing sound, and the best part, it's PORTABLE and BLUETOOTH operated! What can get better than that? The PRICE! You could buy the Bose Portable Bluetooth but that costs $300. You could buy the matching price to this one from Bose, but that is too small and no light show. The reason why I didn't give it 5 stars (it's more like 4.9 stars) is because I wish it had a slip cover or case to protect it while traveling. That's my only complaint!

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    Light Organs

    • Written by from Bryn Mawr

    Bought this for my wife.

    When we were young married's, pre-children, we laid on a huge furry green bean bag, and listened to music. My stereo had two "light organs" connected to the speakers...which actually responded to Bass, (red) Midrange (yellow) and Hi (blue) sounds from the music.

    There are no light organs made anymore...but this is a similar mood setter...and the sound is great.

    She loves it.

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    Fun and Awesome!

    • Written by from Caraguatatuba

    Really good sound, portable, fun to watch and wireless!

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    Fabulous Sound and Portability

    • Written by from Alexandria

    I've been using my old JBL speaker that ran on batteries for the past 10 years. Love it. I recently upgraded to the bluetooth JBL speaker and love it even more. Great for a studio apartment and for taking on the road. Clear sound, relevant volume and easy to connect.

    This speaker is a perfect accessory to go on vacation with or to use at home.

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    • Written by from San Jose

    Thank JBL for this amazing party gadget !! The very best...

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