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    Horrible Bluetooth connection

    • Written by from Lower Burrell

    The first pair i bought sounded amazing and i mean amazing however i noticed when walking around whether it be with my phone in my pocket of my shorts/jeans or in my hand walking the bluetooth signal would cut out. Now i talked to the customer service did all the steps to try and sort the problem no change in the situation ended up returning the product and getting a new pair of headphones, same problem again with the new headphones. I am really annoyed because i didn't spend 400+ on a pair of wireless headphones for them not to work wirelessly right. When the are wired they work great but i don't want to buy a pair of wireless headphones that can only be used wired. May give it a third try and hopefully the third pair will work as advertised. Not too happy about these. I seem to be the only person have this trouble to after searching the internet countless times to see if there were others.

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