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    • Written by from Duxbury

    Good product. Very nice build, punchy but very clean sound, extremely light and very, very comfortable. Battery power is excellent with a quick charge. Meter light for battery life and charge status,lean profile (not nearly as wide as the old studios)... did I say light?

    this is my second set of bluetooth headphones. I would never go without wireless. Combine these with the BlueBuds for worrking out and you are in heaven for music.

    I own Bose, Harmon Kardan NCs and others... These are most definitely the best overall headphones. Definitely a high quality product if you can stomach the price.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very Impressive Headpones.

    • Written by from Miami

    I had previously bought the Bose wireless headphones but thought there was a lack in bass and clarity. These headphones blew me away. They are the best sounding over the ear wireless headphones I've ever heard. No more clumsy wires getting in the way. And the mic works better than the Bose. Perfect clarity for both parties. The sound is Crisp and Clear. You can adjust the volume easily as well as the bluetooth and phone features just by tapping on the headset. They last at least 20 hours on one charge, and they charge up fast.

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    First beats I ever have !

    • Written by from Santa ana

    I just bought this yesterday and it's amazing, I use with my ipad and I can go far about 10 meters or more. And the colors when I put it under the yellow light it look so beautiful. I love it !

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    "Like the package says- original redefined!"

    • Written by from FRESNO

    Once criticized for being BASS heavy- NOT anymore!! Literally hear only what you want !!!

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