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    Great if you love bubbles on your screen

    • Written by from Vienna

    I found this impossible to get on my phone. It has directions in pictures with no words, and I couldn't understand the pictures. I finally threw the whole mess in the trash, then took it out of the trash when I saw the review saying just to line up the holes and smooth out the bubbles. Which I did. And, Hurray, ONLY 21 of the air bubbles that won't come out are on the actual screen area. The rest are at the edges. Having already gotten the 2nd film dusty and dirty trying to install it, I am left with bubbles all over and 1 film for $18.

    Does anyone at apple know how to write directions so that those of us who are not visual processors can install these things?

    I did ask to have it installed at the store, but of course they declined. Apparently they aren't supposed to do that. Thanks a million Apple. I guess when this phone becomes obsolete, I'll check out other brands

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't waist your money

    • Written by from Greenwich

    There are two films included in this package. The first lasted about 20min and then started to peal off the screen.
    I took it off and used the included "dust remover" (a sticker that removes the dust from the screen) and placed the 2nd film on making sure it was straight and there were no air bubbles. After about 2 hours the center of the film started to bubble and wouldn't stay stuck to the screen.
    I wouldn't be all that upset if these things were priced like they should be, but for $14.95, I would think they would actually last for more then a day. The film on my old iPhone lasted 3 years so I know it's possible.

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