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    • Written by from prince albert

    Got this as a Christmas gift, and initially it worked very well. However, I noticed that it got my phone quite warm when turned on. It also began to crack after about two months, despite not being dropped. It has now stopped charging entirely, resulting in a useless piece of plastic in just over six months. Not worth the price.

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    • Written by from Bell

    Making my fourth visit to the apple store, yes 4th. Because all the mophie juice pack air i had bought had problems! the first one had a problem with the Volume Button ( Black-Returned).

    ( FUN FACT) the red special edition case seem to all have problems charging to 100%. I charged it for 3 hours and i seem to get only 80% charge ( did this many times even when my phone was completely turned off) and this would be the second and third red mophie juice pack air i received. Another thing on the red chargers i noticed when it would be completely charged ( all 4 lights solid) i would disconnect it from the outlet and i reconnected the charger again and the 4th light would start blinking again as if it still needed to be charged, called mophie told them about the issue and they said it was defective, I say RECALL. your spending $100 on a case which should give you 100% charge, $1 a percent charge. the people who rated this product 5 stars ether got lucky with a product that really worked, or maybe had the same issue as me and never noticed it. Seems to be rare to get a working one. And these issues are from the Red case and the 2nd and 3rd one I had the same problems IRONIC. Only reason im getting another one, it was a gift.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    BEWARE total waste of money and it will KILL and your iPhone

    • Written by from Monroe

    I bought this being a buy person and thought great I won't have to carry a cord everywhere I've had every iPhone since the first one and never had any issues with them until this monster of a divide got a hold pf my iPhone5 it worked fine for 2 weeks then all of a sudden i got a connect to tunes instruction on my phone i knew that wasn't going to be good tried at home nothing took to apple nothing seems that the divide fried my connector and the wiring inside that reads to computer so that being said i sadly didn't have apple care because i've happily never needed it. and my iPhone 5 is dead luckily I has my old 4 to get me by until my upgrade. IF YOU VALUE YOUR IPHONE YOU'LL STAY AWAY FROM THIS

    i gave it a 1 star only because you have to

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