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    Good activity tracker. Terrible ecosystem - no Sleep, BP, heart rate option

    • Written by from Cincinnati

    I bought one of these from the Apple store because I see a lot of folks walking around with them, and there is a certain "cool" factor about these fitness bands.
    There were also some reviewers who claimed that these now also do a better job of monitoring sleep.

    What I like:
    Easy charging by pugging directly into a USB port.
    Constant-connected bluetooth low energy.
    Firmly connected to your wrist (unlike the product I switched to)

    What I don't like:
    Not nearly the battery life of the product I switched to.
    More expensive than the product I switched to.
    Does not take pulse, like the product I switched to.
    ONLY measures activity, no sleep - like the product I switched to.
    No options to link accounts to other data (like the product I switched to)
    Blood pressure
    Calorie intake.

    In short this is a great product to measure your activity. It is terrible, however, at a holistic tracking of all the other health things you may want to keep track of. For $50 less you can get products that do what the fuel band does, track sleep, track heart rate AND integrate to wifi scales, blood pressure monitors etc.

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