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    • Written by from Hanover

    i work in EMS, and at a local hospital. and when i am working its always good to see how active i can be on a daily basis. and if i don't like what you see, i can adjust my time to make the difference. i think its a great tool for people that wanna keep in shape. I average about 20 miles a week running, but i am a health nut. I got this to see how active i can get when i am at work. great tool it was worth it. lime green....

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    A motivational everyday item!

    • Written by from Ampthill

    I really loved the Nike+ FuelBand SE, it just makes you wanna get moving and get your daily goals! The sleek streamlined design is a great factor of the FuelBand. Without the NikeFuel system or the calories burnt I don't think id be as motivated though, they were essential parts. I loved the motivational messages showing occasionally on the band like "Go James, Go!". I know the sleeping session has been put down but I liked knowing when I moved at night and so on...

    I think everybody should get themselves a FuelBand! Healthier you, Healthier rest of your life!

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    Great Design but not a Sport Gear!

    • Written by from Stony Point

    I love every parts of it, the appearance, the LED display, the cheerful Apps and the BLE connectivity. I'd say it's a fashionable and sport-encouraging product rather than a real sport gear.

    It does not provide accurate step measurement as FitBit.
    It doesn't have heart rate monitor for accurate calorie burnt.
    It doesn't have GPS to measure how far you run.

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