• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    AWESOME Gadget!

    • Written by from Mount Clemens

    Love this headset. I’ve had wired sets before so this is my first Bluetooth. Very easy to operate but NOT rugged. I tried all 3 ear pieces and the Large fit great. I commute a lot and just as I reached my client’s office door (outside), I reached to remove my backpack and the padded shoulder strap caught onto my windbreaker that caught onto the headset. The force exerted that dislodged the headset was similar to you taking the headset and tossing it directly at the concrete step on which it fell. It came apart very slightly and I’m sure that it jumbled up the electronics in there, but after a day of gently coaxing the cover back on straight (was just slightly ajar) and re-aligning the button, I was able to get the headset functioning again, but every now and then if I press the button quickly, the execution is not completed. I will be ordering a new set (headset + charger) and using this set as a backup. On the plus side, I am hard of hearing and this headset is a wonderful gadget. I can hear clearly and the receiver can hear me clearly. It connects with my iPhone 5s quickly, and yes, the noise assassinator really does work. I walked outside with the wind 5-10 mph and the call went well. Great value and anyone on the fence should buy this and give it a try (but don’t ever drop it like I did).

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best headset I've had in a long time.

    • Written by from Bacliff

    Best headset I've had in a very long time. Had an older Jawbone before, went to a few other types, came back to Jawbone and like the new design. Not a big fan of the different voice choices, but I prefer defaults on most of my electronics. With only a single speaker I was surprised with the sound quality on stereo output to the one hear, various games sound great, and having turn by turn directions from Siri in my ear helps reduce missed directions. All in all this is a darn good headset.

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