• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Next best thing after an iPod

    • Written by from Roseville

    1.) These are the best sounding headphone ever.

    2.) The frame is solid and very robust
    4.) Comfortable and plush
    5.) The swipe and touch sensitive controls are totally cool and works awesome. There are no buttons or volume controls that you can see. There is an "On" button, all the other controls work with a tap or a swipe. This makes it so your not fiddling for a switch or roller to control volume. It's so intuitive it is like a reflex.

    6.) The cheek sensor works flawless. What’s this? Let's say your listening to music and someone walks up so you lift the speaker from your ear so you can hear them, the music will automatically pause your song. Why does one need this? Because your 5-10 sec. question turns into 3 min. and you loose your place, this feature resolves that.
    8.) The battery life is great
    9.) Feature “tuned by Lou Reed” sounds awful.

    10.) These are high dollar headphones and you are getting what you pay for. These are an exclusive and luxurious item that is not going to be worn by everybody on the airplane. These do sound better then Bose or Beats (go to the Apple store and listen to them side-by-side) and they are significantly designed and engineered better than any other headphone on the market.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Really Great!

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    These are really awesome headphones. Before, I had been using the bose noise canceling for years. The problem with Ziks? They are heavy and well made( not the problem) buuuuut the case that came with it, was a flimsy bag, not a hard sided case like bose gives. Because of this, I never felt comfortable keeping them in my bag because it's stuffed full and I didn't want to break them. Unfortunately, also because of this, I ended up leaving them in a taxi from the airport. :-( I ended up buying another pair of bose instead of a new pair of Ziks for the same reason. The stupid case!!!!!! I loved them and if they were in a hard case, I'd still have them and would be continuing to love them. This was a few years ago, so hopefully they've started giving a better case now.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect on an Airplane

    • Written by from MEDIA

    Parrot's BIG "Zik", as I call them, sound incredible and work great. I purchased the Zik's in the Philadelphia airport on the way to Portugal. They worked so well and were so intuitive that I would have sworn they were designed be Steve Jobs himself. And the audio reproduction and noise canceling functions made the long flight a breeze. I give them a STRONG BUY RECOMMENDATION!

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    Perfect Headphones

    • Written by from Slidell

    It's the only complete headphone on the market. Wireless & noise canceling, plus other amazing features that make this headphone the perfect set for me. You won't be disappointed if you buy them.

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    I Love My Zik!

    • Written by from Wrexham

    Best headphones on the market. Hands down. I do a lot of international travel with work, and have had these for a year and can vouch for them.
    I've worn them in rain, and they work fine. The noise cancelling is a bit weak on an aircraft when no music playing, but they're great with music playing.
    I regularly do 24+ hour flights, and 2 batteries hold on long enough, if I have no charging ports (some planes and my laptop are adequate.)
    The EQ gives you good control (I don't know of any other headphones with the EQ function).
    The voice calls sound superb.
    The touch controls are brilliant. Sometimes when I yawn real hard it'll pause my music as it thinks I've taken them off. (It pauses when you lift off your head) but there is an option to turn off auto pause. Be sure to enable noise cancellation on calls.

    But my absolute favourite thing with these phones is going through airport security.
    I lift them off my head, stick them in the tray, walk through the metal detector, put them back on and my music is right where I left off. And I haven't clicked a single button or untangled cables or had to unlock my phone.

    And the aircraft is not going to crash with bluetooth*. And not once has any steward(ess) stopped me from listening.

    Also you don't look like one of those idiots with hipster beats headphones with an eq curve that looks like a downhill ski slope.

    anyway. zik. all in all - excellent headphones, excellent eq control, excellent features, excellent (outstanding) design, but excessive price. plus you may need an extra battery.

    *not yet, at least

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