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    VERY impressed with the volume, frequency response and eq effectiveness.

    • Written by from LAGUNA NIGUEL

    OK you've heard about the fantastic sound and EQ app which is true, the ZIKs sound awesome and play loud! However there are a couple of things that bug me the design of these cans. First the touch sensor sometimes gets triggered by accidental touches and also when you take them off you have to be careful not to touch the right ear piece wrong or it starts playing again so thankfully in the settings of the app you can turn off "auto pause". Also my Sennheiser MM550's battery has its own usb port so you can charge a spare and always be wire-free. Unfortunately the ZIK battery needs to be in the headphone while its charging so even though I have a spare battery sometimes I must run a usb charging wire between the headphones and a battery pack in my front pocket to simultaneously run the headphones and charge the battery. I have emailed Parrot with a request that they develop a AC/DC charger that can be plugged in to a wall outlet or connected to a 5 volt usb power source. Hopefully they heed my call and make the ZIK listening experience truly wire-free full-time.

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