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    Don't buy - notifications of movement has become not trustworthy

    • Written by from Middleton

    APRIL 2015 .. I've had Dropcam PRO for almost 2 years. Over the past couple of months, I am not consistently getting text messages of activity. Yes, I have fast WIFI and internet service at the house. No issues with other devices using internet.

    I've not changed anything other than Dropcam forcing me (and all others) to create a NEST account for the Dropcam. Dropcam company was bought by NEST, then NEST was bought by Google. Ever since the acquisition of NEST by Google, the notifications that movement has occurred within the field of vision of the camera is VERY inconsistent.

    This week I turned on Dropcam 3 times for about 1 hour each time. Two out of the 3 times no notifications of movement were sent to my cell phone. It also happened last week, and several times before that also. It has gotten to the point I can not trust this. The activity is clearly shown on the video stored at the Dropcam site so it is not the camera or my internet connection sending video to their site.


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    Was good once, but hold out for something else

    • Written by from Saugus

    Smartphone alerts have been failing (2nd time in the 9 months I've had it), either sending none or sending incorrect alerts. Sometimes I cannot connect at all from my phone but can through the web page. Support has fallen short seemingly after it became a Nest product. Keep shopping before you decide to circle back to Dropcam.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't bother!

    • Written by from Carmel

    Everything worked great when first installed in June, 2014. After Nest acquired Dropcam, the iPhone app ceased to function. You can still monitor activity on your home computer, you know, while you are standing in the house!--but not on your mobile device. When you get a message that activity has been detected, and sign in, the iPhone tells you you need Adobe Flash Player to see the video. When you try to download and install it, you get a message that the iPhone device does not support Flash Player. So now the camera is just an overpriced door stop. I am calling the AG fraud division tomorrow. I will get my money back.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Great, until...

    • Written by from Tacoma

    The camera was great until the day I left on vacation... There was a network connectivity outage with the ISP and since it took longer than 30 minutes for internet connectivity to be restored, the camera was unable to re-connect itself. Apparently, the camera only tries to re-connect for 30 minutes and quits attempting to connect to the network... Now I'm 960 miles from home and have nothing watching my house. It kills me that I'm paying a premium price and not receiving any service.

    I called customer service and they were not able to remotely reset. Their suggestion is to have someone go to my house and power off the camera, unfortunately, I do not have that luxury.

    Not sure why they don't have the camera continually try to re-connect until connectivity is restored. Until they fix this major bug or start compensating users for the time it's not recording and/or stolen goods during the outage, BUYER BEWARE.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful but crippled

    • Written by from Gatineau

    Beautiful hardware, great image quality but its functions are completely crippled. To make use of its most important features, you need to pay a monthly fee, and all data must go through their servers.

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    No Range

    • Written by from Happy Valley

    Would not work more than 10 feet from my modem. Returned it and got a new one per Dropcam customer service, same problem. Just worthless.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Putting the "Drop" in "Cam"

    • Written by from Glendale

    2 cameras @ $200 = $400 + 1 CVR plan @ $150 = $550. Distance from router = 14'. Walls in between = 0. Disconnected from Wifi = every day. Wifi speed is 21.42 download and 2.14 upload = no excuse.

    Don't read another review. This product is unreliable junk.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    BAD Product that could have been great

    • Written by from Santa Monica

    Although the good is that it is well engineered, the bad is that the bean-counters apparently took over software development.

    You CANNOT RECORD ANY VIDEO LOCALLY. You must pay $100-300 per year for them to store video data (motion-sensed, so not much data). AND, they will only store 7 to 30 days of recordings before purging.

    Why, why, why, do they not just let me connect this to through its USB or local Wi-Fi connection to my always-on home computer, to record as much as I want? The software decision that limits CUSTOMER options makes this product an absolute non-starter.

    AVOID! Buy a cheap web-cam and find some open-source software instead.

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    This Camera Requires a Monthly fee to work

    • Written by from Regina

    They should be giving out the camera's for free because they are going to charge to either $10/ month or $30/month in order to use this camera. Plus if you buy a second camera they charge even more for EACH camera This is hidden from the requirements and a total rip off IMVHO. If you don't mind over paying for these subscription fees- then it's a OK camera sound is good. The zoom is waste of time - it would be better to have a narrow field with better picture quality there are 7 zoom levels all of them are useless. The picture quality is passable but I would NOT call it HD even thought they do. Super disappointed it's going back to Apple for refund.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    huge disappointment - definitely a very limiting love/hate product

    • Written by from TORONTO

    This product gets a lot of positive reviews, and within a very narrow set of requirements, it can be great. For me it is the most disappointing product I have purchased in a long time.

    First the good.

    1) The image quality is very good in various lighting.

    That's it. No more good.

    1) ALL video gets sent out through the internet before coming back to your house. Besides the creepy factor of not being able to disable this, is creates huge delays, and lowers the video quality you can actually see in the end. I have a very fast low latency internet connection, and yet standing right there in the same room with the dropcam, I timed up to a 10 second delay in the so called "live" image. Yes, even if your viewing device is connected to your same home network as the camera, it still sends the video/audio out to the internet and back again. This is entirely inexcusable IMO. Checking on the support website this is the most requested feature yet dropcam by their replies seems to place little priority on it.

    Thinking of using this as a baby monitor? Better think again.

    2) Even though they use public licensed pieces of software to operate the camera, they connection is completely proprietary. That means you can only use their software to view the camera and their software is quite lacking. Other cameras can be used with a wide variety of 3rd party viewing software.

    Hmm. If you could use the dropcam with any standard software, you could choose any number of video recording options should you want such a service. Something is beginning to smell very rotten here.

    3) Dropcam claims you can view the camera through any web browser on a computer. This is not exactly true. The computer viewing experience requires flash which is an ADD ON to browsers, not part of the browser. Flash is such a poor technology that Apple for years now has refused to install it on their computers. You have to add it yourself. If is full of bugs, security holes, slows down your computer. There is a built in browser standard called HTML 5 that all newer browsers support, but forget about that with dropcam.

    4) Want to share you camera video with relatives? Forget about it. Seems you can either share it publicly with the world, or give away the farm by providing your full access login credentials.

    I can't help but come away with the feeling this camera for dropcam is all about continuing to extract money from customers after the sale. It seems the reason for such a poor experience and software design is to lock you in to their "cloud recording" as your only option should you want to record any of your video stream.

    I am returning mine, frustrated that my valuable time, was wasted. Dropcam leaves a bad taste in mouth as to me it seems they are more interested in locking customers into a shoddy proprietary experience in the hopes of ongoing revenue, rather than providing a decent customer product and experience.

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