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    Sorry Apple not what I need

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    My daughter’s car was involved in a hit and run in front of my house. I bought the cam to record cars driving by so that I can see if the perpetrator drives by again and then get the license plate number. I hooked it to the 12 volt power in my car and the camera worked. However, not only does the camera drop out often, the picture is not clear enough to distinguish a plate number. In my research I read where it is supposed to have enough resolution to see a license plate number. I suppose if the car is not moving that works. On another note. I’m forced to use ICLOUD. I wanted to record right to my computers hard drive and review my video from there to reduce the amount of bandwidth that ends up bogging done my wifi network. Doesn’t look like that’s possible. On another note I want to zoom in on the picture or scroll threw frame by frame so that I could try and make out at least one number on the license plate. However the software is very basic so there is no way to do that. Basically, it is a web cam but you can’t stream to your computer either. Why? It only works on the Wi Fi even if you plug it into your USB port. On another note. My I cloud doesn’t know I have this DROP CAM and I only have a few days left to sign up for I cloud. Yes I’m logged into to apple and I’m logged into Drop cam. I’ll have to come up with another way to catch the guy who drove by and smashed my daughter’s car but this DROP Cam won’t do it.

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    its nice

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    this will give more flexibility for viewing our pic

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