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    All Brand and Low Value

    • Written by from Chicago

    I purchased this from the Apple Store as I have been looking for a great bluetooth speaker for summer. Sadly, though the PILL XL, like its' little brothers, makes a great appearance but, severely lacks in the sound department. The PILL XL while certainly loud, doesn't provide clean or clear sound. The treble is flat and the bass sounds, in a word, raggedy. I returned the product thinking it was perhaps the one unit, but after testing both the Beats Pill XL and Beats Box in store, it seems to me the device is all brand and provides little value. I'm all for "sexy" products, but at a retail price of $300 it better'ed have superior functionality as well. If you want a flashy noise box that produces something that resembles actual music, be my guest. I'll hold out for a truly superior product. Hopefully Beats will show up with one.

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