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    I've compared these against all the top of the line highest price/quality at the Apple store. Let me tell you in advance it wasn't an easy decision, I especially waited a few months for a new release (infinite black). There's something about the way it's built that assures durability, I speak for myself because I'm very finicky upon how, when, who, where, and what I do with my accessories. I currently have them hooked up to my Apogee DUET/Macbook Air and use it for producing music/dj mixing on A Numark NS7II. Now, anything with exposed wiring is a big NO, anything "On the ear" is also a NO. I love the Pro's soft leather it's freakin soft like you just want to oil it up with leather treatment for the heck of it. The "Over Ear" definitely a win, I've slipped away into each note and vocals in a fully occupied living room with the Bose Lifestyle Surround System nearly full blast. This purchase made me listen to my extensive library and it just complimented every song so well, I listen to R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, Dubstep, Rap, Pop, etc. My second choice would have the been the Beats Executive. Lastly, I've invested a pretty penny in my studio, therefor need to be 100% satisfied with the sound quality especially at 2AM. I hope this review helps with your investment.

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    Not Monster's typical customer, but...

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    I am a moderately obese former pro drummer with a profound hearing loss in one ear and a few extra bucks. After having tried every pair of headphones/earbuds/in-ear monitors to try to counter the emotionally devastating effects of no longer being able to hear music in true stereo, I finally decided to break down and give these a try.

    At first, I didn't like them. They're big, heavy, and the white ones I had to get (they were out of black) were just a tad ostentatious.

    But they work, and do so beautifully. Arguably, the finest set of headphones I have ever experienced.

    And in the end, their weight and whatever guilt I may feel about wearing a very expensive set of headphones in public almost appeals to my latent narcissism.

    So sue me.

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