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    Hyper-consumption at it's finest

    • Written by from Germantown

    Where do I begin? These limited edition Dre Beats were non-functional in less than a year and finally broke,..literally. These were used in hours and hours of mixing music. Armed with a 13" Macbook and a Traktor S4, these headphones get really tiresome and heavy really fast. After about 25-30 min of use they feel like cement blocks on your head and neck. I normally tend to use one ear for listening to the track ready to be mixed since they (Beats) have a swivel function on each ear cup. That was the one the main factors why I chose these headphones and their magnesium metal material.

    After prolonged of swiveling on both ear cups, there was a slight intermittent static like sound coming from these headphones. Unbeknownst to me I was in fact slicing the inner cable that runs from the ear cup to through head piece out the ear cup. When the ear cup actually fell off, yes fell off then it was evidently clear as to why weeks prior there was static in the monitoring of sound. I was left with a paper weight that has a serial number and computerized etching of Dr. Dre's signature. Oh they joy. I replaced them with Shure's SRH750DJ at a fraction of the cost and could not be happier. Frugal, lighter, flexible. I will admit the bass from the Beats vs. Shure is slightly superior, but I purchased them (Shure) for their longevity and prolonged use and after year of use, they still live.

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