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    • Written by from Coquitlam

    My husband tried to get me to buy a more durable case for my iphone (otterbox or lifeproof), but I just couldn't bring myself to buy a bulky/ugly case. I opted instead for the Kate Spade one with polka dots and pink edging cause I thought it was super cute. Flash forward an uncountable number of drops (easily over 100), including one instance where it literally flew off a carousel, and the case is finally cracking on me. My phone however looks almost new (only a few very light scratches where the case doesn't cover). Figured I would write a review since I loved it enough to be on here buying another one. =)

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    pretty and practical

    • Written by from Chicago

    I have the pink and red stripe case that comes with the pink bumper. 1. Overall, it is of good quality and fashionable, I love the bright colors and wide stripes 2. The bumper makes the one piece case a little easier to put on and off 3. I don't know if the pink bumper is a different material then the white, but it does not show dirt 4. the bumper adds a noticeable cushion that these types of hard cases usually lacks

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