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    So, originally I had purchased the Speck 13" Satin Case for my MacBook Air because I wanted to protect my laptop from random scratches, but unfortunately after going through three different exchanges, I ended up returning it because the pieces never snapped onto my laptop quite right. As I was leaving the store after my return, I noticed this case. I didn't even know that Tech21 made a snap case for my Macbook Air. Since my entire family uses Tech21 cases for our iPhones and my brother's motorcycle gear uses D30 impact material, this purchase was a no-brainer. Yeah, $100 is a little steep for a snap case, but if you really think about, it's really not too much to protect your investment of $1,000+. Anyway, the case fits perfectly right out of the box, my computer does not over heat with the case on, it now has impact protection (unlike the Speck case), the matte black looks super cool, and yes, you can still see the Apple Logo through it. I definitely recommend this case to everyone. Go buy it now!

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