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    Very disappointed

    • Written by from Madrid

    When this speaker came out i went running to buy it, expecting the usual high quality bose offers. I've had many Bose speakers, headphones and this is by far the worst I've ever bought. I was very willingly to buy it since I hear a lot of music in my room while I play on my Macbook pro, also for watching films and to leave in the bathroom while I shower.

    Installing the speaker was a challenge. I am not a Computer Engineer, but I am very good with technology and I even had to call the technical support to get the speaker installed. Ok, so I thought the hardest part was accomplished...but it wasn't. The Soundtouch can't be used for watching films since it has a delay of around 3 seconds, you have to connect it via AUX. While playing any videogames it will make you lag hard every 30-60 seconds over the wifi. Btw it doesn't work with 802.11n, with 802.11b/g/n you get huge lag spikes/short disconnects and with 802.11g you cant watch an HD video while playing music.

    Very badly done, I hope it is only the software and that it will be updated in a near future, or i'll sell this in eBay and search for something different.

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