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    Perfect Case for a Book Lover!

    • Written by from Calgary

    I have the BookBook case for my gold 5s in the brown and I absolutely love it! I am a huge fan of books so the vintage leather-bound book look is very cool and something that fits my personality. It's great for out and about too since this allows me to carry my essentials around and not have to haul around a purse full of stuff.
    The only thing I would recommend would be a screen protector as well so the plastic housing for your license doesn't rub on the glass screen and scratch it or damage it in any way, the only awkward thing with this case is answering a phone call without the ear buds; it looks a little ridiculous holding an open book thing up to your ear and is awkward to hold. Perhaps this will fix itself when the case relaxes more since I've only had it for a week or so.
    The main thing is it protects my phone, holds my ID and important cards and it looks like a cool antique book; I would definitely recommend!

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    Watch Out

    • Written by from Westerly

    I love my BookBook cover. I get comments from people all the time. It carries all the essentials. I've lost my wallet a dozen times in my life, but haven't lost it yet since it's part of my phone now.

    Watch out when you are driving. I got a $125 ticket for using my cell phone while driving. I was using my integrated hands-free device while driving. My wife asked if I had any cash on me and I picked up my wallet. The cop at the intersection nabbed me. I had no defense. I wish BookBook had included a warning about this.

    If you can keep your hands off of it while driving, this is the best case out there.

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