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    Doesn't hold up to the hype!

    • Written by from COLUMBUS

    I had used a Mophie with my 4S for over a year. No complaints. I upgraded to the 5s a few months ago. The Apple Store salesperson convinced me the Boostcase was the way to go to add an extended battery. Plus it was supposed to give me even more added battery life (twice the Mophie).

    I do like the separate case from the battery back and the convenience to attach/detach. That is great. But the battery life was supposed to be twice of the Mophie. It is not, and probably less. Plus it is difficult to recharge. I find myself twisting and turning the cable to get it in just the right position to take a charge. Very frustrating. It should not be this difficult.

    Wish I would have purchased a Mophie.

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