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    • Written by from Las Vegas

    First of all, I was a case swapper. Always switching out my phone cases. Never could settle on a great case. Until I got a mophie! I have two iPhone s an iPhone 5 for work and a 5s for personal use. I am horrible about charging my phones... I love these cases! As often as I am on my phones I only need to charge at night and I utilize the juice pack charge during the day when needed. Although the case adds weight to the phone I don't mind it. I think the weight and bulk of the case is perfect!! I'm super bummed that Apple has yet again changed the weight and size of the iphone. I have dropped my phones a few times and the case has been resistant! I have had both phones and cases for about a year now and have yet to swap cases :-)

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    Mophie Juice Pack Helium Battery Case for iPhone 5 and charging dock

    • Written by from Columbus

    I bought three of these for myself and family. They are helpful to provide all day use without having to charge the phone mid-day. I have two complaints: 1) it definitely reduces your signal strength by one bar 2) the biggest complaint is it only charges with a micro USB. This is very inconvenient as we have multiple length cords with the lightening plug for just the iPhone. No-one make a converter from Lightening to Micro USB only the other way around. So be prepared to buy new charging cords for car, home, office etc. Docking station is nice and works well. Often throws up an error on your phone screen that it is not compatible but it does charge it. They do serve as decent protection against drops as my children have dropped them several times with no damage to iPhone. If the cords had an adapter I would have given it 4 stars.

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    Awesome case

    • Written by from Canton

    I went to buy a case and a charger for my car, also an extra USB cable to charge my new iPhone 5s at work. I bought this case instead. One case does all of what I was purchasing 3 items for. Amazing product. Battery starts to run low on iPhone, flip the switch and it recharges. No need for car chargers, extra USB cord to charge in your office. One product. Fabulous.

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    Pay the extra money and get a higer end case

    • Written by from Hayward

    While I have been happy with the performance of the Helium, I am very disappointed in the overall design of the unit. The opening left for the sleep button is of poor design and very flimsy. It has eventually cracked and broken off. Leaving my case looking messy and unsightly. Wish I could return it for a refund....

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    very useful

    • Written by from Sun Valley

    this is my 2nd Mophie had my 1st one with Iphone4 Now with the Iphone5s I highly recommend it to anyone who works with the iphone for more then 10 hours a day

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    It's okay...nothing more, nothing less

    • Written by from PORTLAND

    I've waited 6 months before doing my review. The case is heavy & bulky, it holds barely a single extra charge and lastly, because of its design, it's hard to plug in a headset. I think I'm going to get an external battery charger for when I travel and get a simple case to protect my iPhone 5.

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    • Written by from Marietta

    nice case

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