• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome way to protect the keyboard

    • Written by from Barnesville

    I just bought the keyboard protector today and it works just fine. I don't see what warrants complaints, especially about it not fitting, because I have a Macbook Pro 15.4 and it does just fine. It was well worth the money to protect my investment. Plus, its easy to clean and maintain. What more could you ask for?

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Does just what I need it to.

    • Written by from Charotte

    I had shopped around for a while before I finally broke down and bought this keyboard cover at the apple store. I wasn't too impressed with the price. However, I wanted to keep my macbook pro retina 15" protected and looking new. It took a while to feel more comfortable typing with it, but I consider that neither a pro or a con, since the keyboard isn't going to function the same with a cover on it, regardless.

    Fits great--stays in place
    Looks great
    Does exactly what it needs to -- protect the keys
    Keyboard backlight does show through

    Price. A bit steep at 24.95 from the Apple store
    Occasionally gets caught under the arrow keys if I hit the button a certain way.
    On a few keys the text does not match up with the text on the keyboard. This is only affecting the keys with words like Enter, Shift, CapsLock.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Fairly good.

    • Written by from Burnaby

    Very well-made; fits the keys fairly tightly. Snug fit. Feels a bit weird to type on; the edges remain rigid while the centre of the key is depressed. My typing speed's dropped from 120WPM to about 90WPM, but part of it's due to adapting to the softer, more cushiony feel.

    Be sure to massage the protector onto the keys. Running your fingers in-between the keys works well.

    Blocks the backlighting a little - it's still visible underneath the protector. The backlight on the characters on the keys are faint, but it's functionally not an issue as ambient light from the monitor's good enough to see the keys.

    Had the same issue with bottom row keys sticking (i.e. Control, Command, Spacebar, etc). For me it's the left Command key that sticks - seems to happen if I hit it too close to the lower edge or too hard. Seems to be caused by the lower edge of the key remaining rigid and falling down with the key instead of bending inward. I seem to have fixed it by gently massaging/stretching the silicone covering the key. Manufacturer might be able to alleviate problem by lengthening the bottom edge of the protector itself.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product!

    • Written by from Savage

    I thought I would chime in and offer my opinion since the reviews aren't that favorable for this product. I have been 100 percent satisfied with my MarBlue keyboard cover after 4 months of use. It is really nice to be able to take it off clean, it up with some soap and water, let it dry and put it back on. As far as the comments about the fit, I found it to fit fine and not cause any issues with my typing. The tactile feel of the silicone cover does take some getting used to, but overall it was an easy adjustment. I do appreciate the fact that the cover deadens the clicking sound of the keyboard as you type since I tend to use my Macbook Pro when I travel.

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