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    sticky, not fit. BAD.

    • Written by from Hong Kong

    This protector is really bad. I love the color. It matches really nicely with the shell for my new mac. However, the protector doesn't fit that well to the computer. The texture of the plastic is also to sticky. I feel like it is stuck to my hands when im typing. I typed so much slower with that protector. After 2 days, I couldnt stand it. I picked out the old protector from my old mac. I have used that protector for 5 years. I would rather use that. so much better.

    I guess I don't care to have a colorful keyboard or not. It is frustrating to use when the protector impede my ability to type.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Poughkeepsie

    I thought this was the cutest thing ever and I still do. but 1. it doesn't fit right - its made for 13in but its almost too big the way that it moves around. 2. It is so uncomfortable, it slows down my typing ability a whole lot with the material of the texture. Given my issues I wouldn't say its worth it; but some people may find it better! Good luck

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