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    Understanding why Bloom/Iris Have Different Colors than Bulbs

    • Written by from Coral Springs

    For all those complaining about why the Friends of Hue (FOH), such as Bloom/Iris/Light Strips, are not included in light recipes or that they have different colors than the regular BR30/A19 bulbs that came with the starter kit, you have to understand how they are designed. The regular bulbs have a white LED that is always on and this LED is required for creating white light. It is the LED used in light recipes (energize, reading, etc.). That's why bulbs cannot produce deep rich greens, blues, etc. The FOH collection does not include the white LED. Thus, while it cannot be used in light recipes (which, you will notice, are designed for white light), it can produce deep greens, blues, etc. It is not a design defect - simply a design choice. As FOH are not meant to be functional lighting and are instead meant for accent lighting, they do not have the white LED thus allowing them to produce deep colors. As the bulbs are meant for functional lighting (meaning the light you turn on when you need to see something), they have the white LED always on. Hope this helps explain things a bit more.

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    • Written by from Havre De Grace

    Great product. This is more for an accent or fun piece to everyday person or hate to say for creative people that would use these outside or their normal use. I get a lot of question about "Do I really use this lamp," "Does it really make a difference in my home?" The answer is yes! I have all of the Hue products and the lamps are mostly in my bedroom and hallways. They light up the entire bedroom and hallway with their bright lumens. 2 things these are Great for.... Obviously Geofencing, but for sleeping and waking up. My Hue's simulate SunSets when going to bed & a SunRise when waking up. Got these puppies synced to IFTTT, great with Weather Updates & my Jawbone Up24 that notifies my lights to turn on & off when I wake-up or go to bed. Join the Hue!

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    VERY entertaining and the best is yet to come

    • Written by from PAPILLION

    The Hue lights are amazing. At the end of the day, how can lights be amazing? Well, they can. I love how they turn on when I pull up into my driveway. I enjoy being able to fully control the lights from my iPhone. The Bloom lamp wont do everything the lights can, but almost. The Halloween app from the ITunes store plays really creepy music that syncs with all my lights.....this is so scary I plan on buying less candy this year - which will offset the cost of the lights - which aren't cheap. I have about $400 in starter set, lamp, and light strips. The lamp is very minimalistic, not unattractive but not a beauty.

    Everyone who has seen my lights has either bought them or want them......

    Setup was easy.

    As more app come out (I will get the XMAS app next month) I think this will really take off. Huge potential.

    I wish they made outdoor lights.

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    Blooms that failed quite rapidly

    • Written by from Fort McMurray

    I have 11 Blooms in total, 2 have failed within in the first few hours and one with about 40 hours. 2 are being replace by Philips right now, and the 3rd one I just purchased and now needs to go back. not impressed with the blooms at all, I have 11 blooms, 2 led strips, 8 Gu10's and 13 of the connected bulbs and 1 tap switch. Everything else works fine and the updates to the apps are quite fast addressing the problems especially with the new iPhone 6+. But I would hope that the bloom is going to be a better product because I am not going to be paying 80.00 for a light bulb that doesn't even come close to the advertised life. I just hope I can get at least a few thousand of hours out of the rest of my lights, as far as the other 2 blooms I just bought I think I will be sending them back for a refund.

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    Cool while it lasted

    • Written by from Running Springs

    My Bloom just stopped working after six months or so (past Apple's return period, unfortunately). I barely turned it on at all during that period, but it was plugged in the whole time. I'd chalk this up to just a rare defect, but I've found a lot of complaints on line about this same thing happening to people after several months.

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    Hue makes me happy

    • Written by from Prescott

    I love Hue bulbs.. They are not the most user friendly "cool" tech stuff from Apple, but they are beautiful and fun to play with!

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    Love the rich colors!

    • Written by from Yreka

    This is the fifth Hue bulb I have purchased, and I have placed it behind my tv which is in a corner. I love it and quickly figured out how to add it to the scenes. It provides very rich colored accent lighting which is very nice. I made a "wall" page in the Philips Hue app to allow the color to be adjusted independently of the main Hue bulbs, as well as adding it to all of the scenes.

    As others have mentioned, it is not intended to provide reading or task lighting, as it does not produce the whites of the original Hue bulbs, but it can produce a very beautiful blue, and works well in conjunction with other Hue bulbs to set a mood.

    The only real downside I see for now is the price. I'll be putting at least one in each main room after the price comes down.

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    Not That Great Or Worth The Price...

    • Written by from Waterloo

    I'm a huge fan of the hue bulbs and use them all over my home in every room. Because of the Blooms design I thought it would be great for spot lighting walls... I was wrong!

    The amount of light this gives off for the price is pathetic. You're WAY better off saving yourself $20 and just buying a regular hue bulb. As others have mentioned, it also does not work with the stock mood recipes in the hue app.

    Really priced this product wrong... If it was $20 cheaper than a hue bulb I might not have gone right back to apple and returned it.

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    Best purchase I have ever made

    • Written by from Honolulu

    Yes they are costly, but oh so cool. In my opinion, they are like a never ending color changing coat of paint to enhance everything about your at home lighting experience.
    I love mine, I have invested in 11 bulbs and the Hue Bloom Lamp, and my house looks amazing. They are easily portable and I have placed them in many homes, whether I'm spending the night or simply throwing an event. I live Hue and all the amazing apps involved.
    Thanks for brightening my day everyday! They even prepare me for the weather as well as turn on when I get home- those are just a few of the simple features Hie has that has changed my life forever. Never going back to bulbs, plus what I spent I have already made up in electric bills,

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    Friends of Hue Bloom Lamp is Beautiful

    • Written by from WHITEHALL

    I have six hue bulbs including the three with the starter kit and have just added a Bloom lamp today. Here's my impression: it's breathtaking and adds rich color where the hue bulbs cannot. So what if the lamp isn't compatible with the basic light recipes? The basic hue bulbs can do both. Bloom adds deeper color and a magical layer to nighttime scenes creating a dreamscape beyond the hue bulb story. I positioned the Bloom behind my 55"TV facing the wall and the hue scenes now not only create magic from my lighting but the wall behind my TV has become an expansive part of each scene. I love Bloom!

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    Bloom is no hue bulb

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    If you are buying the Bloom as another Hue bulb, you are in for a surprise. It looks like the Hue bulbs have special LED's so that they can make all the white colors of normal bulbs in addition to colors. But as any Hue owner knows, hue bulbs can't make green thru blue on the spectrum because of it. Now the Bloom on the other hand can make rich greens, blues, turquoise, but can't make "white" light like the Hue bulbs can. That is why it can't be used in light recipes (whites) but can in photo recipes (colors). So, if you want more of the same, buy more bulbs and add them to a lamp, if you want to get some intense color you miss from the hue system, then get a few Blooms also.

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    More is better?

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Big fan of the PhilipsHue and the Bloom is great that it offers multiple color lighting at the same time (have both red and green mixed at different part of the bulb). However, would much prefer the Bloom to be bigger and agree with the other posting that it should be recognized by the pre-set lighting features in the Hue's app.

    Lastly, adding timing feature in the Hue's app would be great to control when bulbs to on and off

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    Details, Details, Details

    • Written by from Richardson

    I'm a fan of HUE bulbs— we have 18 of them installed, so far (19 if you include the Friends of Hue Bloom Lamp), with plans for many more (including outdoor lighting, if they ever get around to it)— so I had high hopes for the Bloom Lamp.

    Unfortunately, though, this particular "friend of HUE" could use some refinement.

    Take for example the fact that the Bloom does not work with Philips "off the shelf" recipes. Like the "relax" setting or "energize" or "reading" recipes that came pre-loaded with the Hue app? Too bad; they don't recognize the Bloom as being a part of your network.

    No, the Bloom only works with photo recipes. Why was even overlooked? A mystery.

    Next, take the device itself, which is hard wired to the 110v plug making it impossible to thread the power cord through conduits if you'd like to "hide" the power supply. You've got the large lamp on one end, a rather bulky power adapter at the other, and the power cord running between them. The only way to thread the cable through cable channel holes would be to cut the cord and then rewire it (and you won't be doing that, believe me).

    Does the Bloom Lamp light up? Yes. Change colors? You bet. It even looks sleek (or at least sleek-ish).

    But there are a few niggling concerns about the product that are just off-putting enough to make it more of a novelty— and a very limited one at that— rather than a part of my overall plan for the total HUE-ification of my home.

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