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    Decent, but I have some complaints.

    • Written by from Edmonton

    I got sick of carrying around the juice pack and decided to pick up one of these cases. I put together some pro/cons to help potential buyers.

    -power on the go
    -fairly compact package
    -able to sync while in the case

    -Adds significant bulk to the iPhone
    -The two pieces of the case must connect properly or else it will not work.
    -Even when battery is fully charge it stops charging and I have to remove and reconnect the case.
    -Gives off considerable heat when charging in my pocket.
    -Rarely do I feel I get 120% charge. When I switch it on to charge when i'm around 20% it gets it to 100% but won't charge anymore than that.

    I might also pick up a juice pack XL to supplement this case.

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