• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Charging cord is inadequate

    • Written by from Williams Lake

    I agree with the other reviewer and would say the case is good. The charging cord however, is inadequate for length and is not compatible with the i5 charging cord, so you can't use any of your other chargers. So if you don't have the Mophie cord and want to use the i5 charger, you have to pull the case apart to be able to plug your phone in and you will be unable to charge the mophie. I don't know why the cords aren't compatible. Once again, you get sucked in to purchasing all new cables so you can have one at home and one in your car etc. I don't like the headphone adapter either, it sticks out too far and it gets bent easily, I guess it's just a matter of time till mine breaks too.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Adapter cord and headphone jack design is horrible!

    • Written by from Missoula

    Overall, I appreciate having the extra battery power as I watch friends run out of battery power all the time. For this I am grateful that I own a Mophie. However, they took no care to deal with the design as far as using the headphone jack. That I should have to have an adapter cord with me all the time just to be able to have one of the most basic functionalities of an iPhone is enough to lose customers! I am constantly having to take the bottom of the case off just to plug it in to my car stereo, stereo at work, and my Bose Dock.

    This brings me to the adapter! I'm now on my second adapter which I promised myself to treat like a fragile baby...well, just today after two months, my SECOND adapter is shorting out! It amazing that Mophie has not issued a recall on this poor design or attempted to fix it and send to its loyal customers an adapter that works and lasts.

    For any future versions of Mophies they must find a way to eliminate any need for an adapter and have Mophies able to accept all types of headphones without an adapter.

    This may seem a minor inconvenience, but enough to send customers who use the music feature extensively away!

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