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    Doesn't Last

    • Written by from Ithaca

    Multiple issues with the mope Juice Pack stemming from a horrible design (I've had 2)
    The headphone connector doesn't last more than 3 months. This forced me to pull my headphones out by the cord, eventually destroying my headphones. After replacing my headphones I stopped doing this and began removing the bottom of the Juice Pack to unplug the headphones without destroying the cord. This eventually wore down the sockets and now the Juice Pack won't close all the way and won't actually charge my phone. So now I have a bully batter that I can't use unless I use my hands to force the case to stay closed. This case is useless after 13 months.

    It was great while it worked...

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    • Written by from Half Moon Bay

    Aloha all, I wanted to make you aware of the Mophie product and what the true specs are before you end up purchasing the product. First, I will say its case is very durable that is a plus. However, since I have an iPhone 5 I purchased the Juice Pack (100%) model, in each case it wouldn't charge to a 100% as indicated by the box. The first Mophie Juice Pack I bought went to 68%, the second one I exchanged only went to 78%, the last one I exchanged went to only 85%. So I talked with the Apple Store representative explained my situation so I figured I try the Juice Pack Plus (120%) model. I waited for my iPhone 5 to hit the 20% battery left and charged it. Guess what, the charge stopped at 70%, I went back to the Apple Store took this one back, tried another did the same thing as before, it charged to 93%, mind you this is the Juice Pack Plus the 120% model and cost $119.95. As you can see I contacted Mophie directly using their chat as the person said below all depends on how you use it.

    Casey S 8/25/14:
    The percentages are largely dependent on how you use your phone. If you are on it a lot while it is trying to charge, if you have a lot of open apps, and if you have a lot of data on your phone, can all affect how much it can charge your device. The mophie typically gives "up to" 120%. This does not mean that it always gives this much of a charge.

    So when you purchase any of the Mophie Juice Pack products, it doesn't mean your iPhone 5, 5S or 6 (when it comes out) will not charge all the way. Everything I've said here is true, but you decide what you want to do now after having the facts.


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    Got very hot

    • Written by from Cranford

    The case got very hot whenever I used the charger. Eventually it almost toasted the 5S.

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    Does Not Work!!

    • Written by from Rockford

    I loved the concept, and my daughter (who has an iPhone 5 like I do) loves the one she has. So I bought the Juice Pack Plus, and it would not work...and it worked on my daughter's phone, which made the experience all the more frustrating. Then I went back and bought the regular (100%) Juice Pack, which worked initially, but eventually did not work like the first product. I sincerely wish the product worked as advertised, but it just didn't. Buyer beware!!

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    Broken out of the box

    • Written by from Flagstaff

    I just bought this $120 device for my iphone 5s yesterday. I charged it for 8 hours today; 2 from a wall charger, 6 from usb...and it never went beyond 2 of the 5 charging lights. For a case this expensive, you would expect it to work correctly out of the box...I mean, it is just a battery, how hard can that be ?? I will be taking it back tomorrow and am unsure whether I will get another. For what it is worth , I really like the design and my dad has used a Juice air for the last 6 months with no issue.. I wanted to love this thing and it didn't even work.

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    Not even close to the advertised 120% extra charge

    • Written by from Bothell

    The title says it all!! I've purchased 2 of these (Plus) cases and both of them when fully charged do not even get close to fully charging my iphone 5.

    I've tried the recommended charging profile i.e. when phone is at 20 percent turn on the case and let it charge to 80% I was lucky to get the case to charge up to 80% once, I then turned off the case, drove the phone battery down to 50% and turned the case on again, I was amazed to find that it only charged it 9% more up to 59% and the case battery died.

    I then decided to try to charge from 1%, with a fully charged case and the case charged up the phone battery to 78%

    I have to say that I will return both cases. I dont think 60% battery charge is worth over 100 dollars. Especially when you consider that fact that the battery will eventually degrade overtime and provide even less performance. :(

    I'm wondering now how the Air, and Helium perform?!?!

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    One month of use, now broken.

    • Written by from North Vancouver

    Great concept, poor execution. Purchased November 3, stopped working December 3.

    Now for a suggestion: Micro USB? No thank you, how about Apple's thunderbolt connector? There's Thunderbolt on the inside, put the corresponding one on the outside.

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