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    What Steve Jobs would have to say? These headphones are the worst.

    • Written by from Garner

    Well, Steve is no longer with us - he would have simply shelved the whole idea of these headphones... I am a professional recording engineer and pay close attention to the nature of music, and how sounds are reproduced.
    These headphones? They are simply the WORST headphones on the market. Headphones costing 1/3rd the price reproduce music more accurately. Save your money. Do you really want headphones that distort the highs/lessen the mids of what you are listening to and cause the low end to sound like a soupy & muddy mess? Yes, if you are a listener with no discerning ear, then buy them. And buy some glowing pump up tennis shoes endorsed by the name you are paying for... Simply put, ridiculous. Mr. Jobs would never have bowed down to allowing Apple to disperse an inferior product. I would have given zero stars, but that is not an option, unfortunately. YOU ARE PAYING FOR A NAME.

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