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    Design updates make product more sturdy than older model

    • Written by from Toronto

    I own 2 Clear cases. A few days after I bought the first one, the bottom snapped and broke after I had set it down (using normal, not careful, handling). This was disappointing and felt like a total waste of my money. Concerned about possible scratches and dents, I eventually decided to purchase another one. I have owned the second case for 2 months, and it has NOT yet snapped on me despite continuing my normal handling of the laptop. I believe this is because Speck has remodelled the design of the case. Im not sure of this newer model number but I highly recommend purchasing this case to anyone who is concerned about the exterior of their mac. You will know its the newer model because the plastic feels thick and unlike the previous model, the bottom easily snaps in place and has a very slight loose fit (I assume its not as snug in order to absorb possible impact??).

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