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    Well... It does its job.

    • Written by from Cape Coral

    The case certainly protects the MacBook Air, that's undisputable. There are a few flaws with it though:

    - The case tends to hold on to quite a bit of dirt/dust/sediment The case is very flexible where the cut out to open the laptop is, so there is a lot of stuff that tends to collect in that area especially. However, this is to be expected from any case.

    - The corners on this case and the snaps that hold the case to the MacBook tend to break off rather easily. This isn't a huge deal and Speck will replace them under warranty.

    - Putting the case on and taking it off for cleaning can be a major pain, I keep thinking I am going to gouge my MacBook or break the case itself while doing so.

    - The top of the case, for some reason, tends to scratch easily. Within the first week I got my case, I was beginning to notice scratches on it. I am extremely gentle on my laptop, if it's not out on a table and actively being used, it's inside of a padded laptop compartment in my backpack, so it's odd that it would be scratched at all. Although, I suppose it's better that the case be scratched than my MacBook.

    Overall, I wouldn't ever get rid of this case as it does a great job of protecting the MacBook, there are just a couple of flaws you must be made aware of before buying it. I do believe the price point could be just a little bit lower considering it's just a piece of plastic, but I'm not one to spare a nickel when it comes to protecting my Mac.

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