• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 5S

    • Written by from Burlington

    Works extremely well and helps offset the worst characteristic of an iPhone... The poor battery life. Everywhere I go I see iPhone users seeking out the nearest electrical outlet. Just take a look around the airport next time you're there... You'll see what I am talking about. If this product didn't exist, I would not buy an iPhone ever again. Its a must have accessory.

    I can actually get a full day's worth of phone use without a re-charge just like I could when I had my Droid RAZR Maxx.

    The headphone jack is the one flaw I see. I am surprised that hasn't been addressed. Seems like a small feat to overcome from an engineering standpoint.

    I have had it for over a year and it works as well as the day I bought it. Looking to get one for my new work phone which is the iPhone 6. With the cheap feel of the chassis on the 6, I am looking forward to the extra mass that the Mophie case will provide along with the benefits mentioned above.

    Overall, great product!!!

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works fine for my iPhone 5S

    • Written by from Surabaya, East Java

    Bought this item on 2013, it's already 1 year I'm using this and it works fine with me. I don't know why people said it can't charge until 100%, but on my iPhone 5S it CAN charge to 100%. I know there are several drawbacks, such as the charging cable now you need to use Micro USB Cable (I just call it BlackBerry [BB] Cable anyway), but for me it isn't a problem, as before I use iPhone, I use Blackberry, so I have a bunch of Micro USB Cable.

    Well, to sum up my review from 1 year experience with Mophie Juice Pack:
    - it works brilliant
    - easy to use
    - charge well (0%->100%)
    - love the way they give you the extended jack port

    - it really can make you phone really hot (you can use it for ironing your shirt)


  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Decent Product

    • Written by from Harrisburg

    So, no.... It does not charge up to 100% like Mophie advertises. With that said, it does give an extra 85% charge (for me) on my 5S. To me, that's worth it. I only have to charge my phone at night now while I sleep rather than bringing a charger with me everywhere.

    The size of it is a little big, but it's truly not too bad for someone with larger hands. It actually gives the iPhone some much wanted heft. It also has a lay-on-table design which when placed on the phone's face, prevents the screen from touching the surface of the table.

    I like everything about this case, but because of the fact that it does not charge up to 100% as advertised, 4 stars.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Doubles battery life

    • Written by from Denver

    Solid in construction, works well, fits well and doesn't add too much bulk.

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    removal of pack from phone body

    • Written by from Seattle

    While i have no problem with the function of my Mophie juice pack in that it serves the purpose and gives me adequate standby supply so as to enable me to charge the phone just once every night rather than in the middle of the day as was frequently the case before.
    I have however, a problem with been able to remove the juice pack from the main body of the phone! Nowhere in the user manual is it mentioned how, so i feel like an absolute idiot that i cant do it and I need to so as to replace the SIM in the phone!!
    Can anyone tell me how it can be easily pried open without causing any damage to the body of the iPhone? I would greatly appreciate some concrete and sensible advice in this regard

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    Almost excellent

    • Written by from Brossard

    A lot of people are criticizing the pack for not charging up the phone to 100%. My question to them is: Did you use the phone at all while it was 'charging' from the pack? If yes, of course it won't charge the phone fully. It's not a wall charger that has an unlimited supply of power to keep charging your phone.

    Anyway, it works well enough, makes the phone more comfortable to hold in landscape mode while simultaneously avoiding the default problem of fingers covering the speaker port.

    Headphone port too small and the extension too long. Why not just integrate a headphone port in the bottom portion?
    Could be slimmer.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Product

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    I love this case to death. I've been using this for about six months and it's shocking how helpful it has been in allowing me to use my phone as desired. I used to deliberately "not use" my phone as the battery ran down to prevent it from dying, so this has been a life saver.

    I don't mind the USB docking at all, especially because the mini USB cable is such a universal item compared to the obscure apple-specific lightening connector. I do wish there was a pass-through for the headphones to avoid having to use the extender, but that's just a small critique I can live with.

    Everybody who used their iphone frequently should have a mophie - what's the point in owning a smartphone if you're constantly worried it's going to die on you?

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Does what It was supposed to do

    • Written by from Raleigh

    I purchased the Mophie Juice Pack because I was tired of having to re-charge my phone overnight, and again sometime during the next day (usually once the charge got down to ~30%). I have a really nice, handmade, burled walnut case, and I was also concerned about missing the 'beauty' of the phone/case by using the plain black juice pack.

    Here's what I found:
    - The battery life is now very good. I charged the battery overnight on Sunday (as usual), used the phone all day on Monday (as normal), kicked in the juice pack after about 13 hours of being off the charger (which allowed me to go from 20% to 97% charge), then actually plugged my phone back in for the first time on Tuesday afternoon (with about 50% battery remaining). Just what I wanted.

    - I don't notice any significant loss of wi-fi signal

    - I occasionally notice a drop in about 1 bar of signal strength (so 4 bars instead of 5 in some places). However I still get 5 bars in lots of places, even with the juice pack case on the phone.

    - The juice pack didn't substantially increase the size of the phone (it actually was about the same thickness as my fancy case)

    - The phone's length changed a little bit (longer now w/ the juice pack), but that's not a bad thing as it feels good in my hand...actually a little more substantial. Plus, w/ the juice pack, the microphones on the bottom of the device are actually now more 'directed' towards my mouth. Siri and voice dictation seems to be more accurate now.

    - I was worried about difficulties of using the headphone extension plug, but i had to use it once, and it wasn't a big deal. Sound quality using the extension was still phone. I just added the extension to my accessories pack that i normally carry anyway.

    - I'd recommend to others who were looking for the same solutions.

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