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    Excellent iPhone Case!! :3

    • Written by from New Albany

    I recently purchased this case because my iPhone 5 could not last a whole day without a charge! My phone was previously naked & I did not purchase the case for protection but it does offer some. The pros of the case would be that it gives me about 90% charge when I need it on the go. It has a nice matte-rubbery feel to it and is eye-candy to the typical person. Also, it fits together wonderfully & you barely notice that it is two pieces. If you're worrying about it overheating when charging then don't worry, it doesn't. It gives the iPhone a solid feel and it isn't too bulky. The headphone adapter is a bit flimsy but I use the stock Apple earpods so it isn't a problem. I would recommend this to every iPhone user because it is so well built & put together. I guess Mophie really does love us!(:

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    Does what you expect it to do!!

    • Written by from Ypsilanti

    All the Nitpicking is irrelevant to the fact that the case does In fact extend your battery way past normal use. I am a heavy user, and need a charge beyond the tiny 1400 Mah battery stuck in these paper thin devices. The case is surprising light too! Function way over form, for the sake of extended battery life.

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    iPhone 5s

    • Written by from Flagstaff

    I just recently got the iPhone 5s and I absolutely love this product. I use my phone a ton and this a must have. I had a juice pack air, and a juice pack plus for my iPhone 4 and I think that this is more closely relevant to the juice pack plus for the iPhone 4. I have not have any of the issues as some of the other people have discussed, it charges my phone back up to about 90% from a sea battery so that is awesome. This is a must use product if you use your phone a lot. Also, the complaint about the case using a micro USB, well these cables are cheaper than the ones that apple makes so if you have to replace it that helps.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Design, Indispensable Accessory.

    • Written by from Anchorage

    I use my Mophie every day on my 5s and also used a Juicepack Plus when I had a 4s. This case is very reliable and my battery would die every day without it! The 1700 mAh capacity MORE THAN DOUBLES the internal 1560 mAh battery in the 5s, so to all the people complaining it isn't as advertised: do your homework. Why doesn't it go back up to 100%? Your phone still requires power during the whole recharge process, so your battery is being discharged while the Mophie is supplying its charge to your phone. It's not rocket science. Also, Mophie is very good about exchanging damaged or defective cases within the first year. I've had to cash in on this twice (girlfriend drops her phone A LOT) and had no trouble. Sure, the adaptor for the recessed headphone jack can be annoying, but just leave it on your most frequently-used device and you're fine. Overall, this is a 5-star case.

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    I Highly Recomend the case !

    • Written by from buenos aires

    the product itself works just like it says , i have charged my phone from %1 to %98 with only this case and using it at the same time !!
    the case makes your iphone a little more bigger , but the design is really cool and soft that you will love it ..

    the only complain i have about the product is the headphone pin , its hard to use and you can NOT use it if you forgot your adaptor...

    But anyway , its a pleasure to have a product with the quality of every detail that this one has! just perfect for me !

    Thats why I highly recomend the case !

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    Does what it says

    • Written by from Charlottetown

    After extensive online shopping for a protective and stylish case I ended up buying the Mophie. I love the look of the silver juice pack on my iphone 5. Doubles my battery life! Doesn't add a lot of bulk to the phone. Protects the phone. Rubbery outter finish adds grip and is nice to the touch. Using headphones is no issue. The phone functions perfectly with this case. Highly recommend.

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