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    • Written by from Tarpon springs

    don't buy this. it only works for about 3 months then it won't charge your phone at all. i charge mine all night but then when i try to use it on my phone it doesn't charge and it's really annoying.

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    Micro USB port ALWAYS fails

    • Written by from Edmonton

    I had previously bought the Juice Pack for iPhone 3Gs. The micro USB port failed (stopped charging the unit) after about 3 months. I tried multiple cables to no avail. Mophie replaced the unit under warranty without issue, but the charging port failed on that one as well after a few months, and the warranty was no longer valid for another replacement. I wasn't going to spend another $80 on another one of these. I did buy one more on eBay for $20, and surprise, surprise... the micro USB port failed in fairly short order. I was determined to never buy another Juice Pack.

    Several friends/family had the Juice Pack for the iPhone 4/4s and found them reliable. When I got my iPhone 5s I gave the Pack Air for iPhone 5s a try, in case Mophie resolved the reliability issues. No dice; I bought mine in January, and in 5 months, the micro USB port failed again. Mophie replaced it under warranty, but no doubt the port will fail on this one as well.

    For a product in the range of $100, this is simply not acceptable .Mophie should surround the port in resin to protect the wiring from failing with repeated cable insertions. Either the Mophie engineers are lazy, or not very good engineers if they can't overcome this issue. Either that or they deliberately design the juice pack with an artificially low lifespan so you will have to buy more of them.

    For my next battery case, I will be looking into alternatives. Perhaps the Mojo Refuel Aqua since it's a waterproof battery case. It's a shame because Mophie's products are certainly the most visually appealing, but their build quality is very poor.

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    Good idea, bad design

    • Written by from Wayne

    Pros- Makes your phone battery last seemingly forever
    Durable case to also protect the phone

    Cons- doesn't have a lightning connector on the bottom so you need a second cord to charge and need to take the case off to sync photos.
    MAJOR complaint is that the headphone jack is virtually inaccessible. Comes with a short adapter but in 2 months the adapter has broken twice.

    I was surprised to find out that this product has been around for a few years because the issues are what you would expect from a first generation version, not a third or fourth.

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    Just okay

    • Written by from PAPILLION

    I had hoped it would work beter.
    -Looks great
    -Battery life is suspect. It runs down quick. I do not beleive it "doubles" battery life.
    -Having to use the mini-USB coord is a pain.
    -Doubles the size of Iphone.

    The apple lighting connecter is great, having to convert the car, computer and house to charge the Juice Pack Air with mini-USB is a throwback.

    Again....just okay.

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    Not as Advertised

    • Written by from Flower Mound

    I recently purchased a new iPhone 5S and also purchased the Mophie Juice Pack too. I did this for a couple of reasons. First of all, I had one with my iPhone 4S and really liked it since I use my phone primarily for business and travel quite a bit. Secondly, they advertise that the charging is 100% which is more than the past models which helps to justify an increase in price. Having had success in the past it was a no brainer. However, the battery case does not charge 100%. Instead the most I get is an increase from 25% to 90% which is about what my previous case gave me at a lower price. While the output is okay it is 35% less than what is advertised and not worth the increased price! How can the company make such claims and justify the price increase when "real" life usage varies this much?

    When considering the purchase of this battery case keep this in mind. You will likely not get the 100% they claim and it's pricey. That said, if you can live with 65% then by all means make the purchase. Just know what your getting in reality

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    Bad Earbud / Stereo Jack Adapters!

    • Written by from Kennett Square

    I bought two of these units and both are having problems with the Earbud Adapters. The connections in the adapters break and then the case is next to useless for those who use earbuds, stereo jacks, etc...

    I'm a longterm user of Mophie products, but I must say that their Product Design (Product Solutions) is getting worse, not better.

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