• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    VERY GOOD for the money!

    • Written by from Moorhead

    I just unpacked these headphones, and while I've been listening to them for a grand total of 15 minutes, I can tell you this:
    1) The sound quality is VERY good. Decent bass response, very good clarity through entire range.
    2) The fit is, for me, very good. I have a large head (open to jokes), and most over-the-ear headphones don't fit exactly the way they should.
    These fit very well, aren't too tight, and do a decent job of canceling noise through the pads.
    3) When used with my iPhone 5S, the mic works very well, although there seems to be a little background noise present, even in the office.
    4) The price tag, just over the halfway mark on $100, seems VERY reasonable to me for the quality I've described thus far.

    In my opinion, this is an excellent pair of headphones for the money. Nicest I've ever owned- I've been mucking around with ear buds for years! No more! Give them a shot if you're not ultra-particular (or even if you are??)... you won't be sorry!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Outstanding sound for the price

    • Written by from Denver

    Spent about a day looking for a set that had a mic, remote, volume control along with enough volume so that my iPhone wasn't maxed out during playback. The Plattan Plus beat out Sennheisers, Bose, Sony and Beats handily and came in at a better price than all of those units. The on-ear pads are quite comfortable for 2 hours of listening. Headband has just the right amount of flex so that your ears are not mashed, but the pads still seal out external noise quite nicely. The no-tangle cord is excellent. I appreciated the rubber surround on the remote/mic, seems much more sturdy that most other plastic models. Equally important for iPhone playback is the 3.5mm plug is slim enough to fit into the phone when a case is attached.

    You'll start to pay more attention to your EQ settings and bitrate quality on recorded songs when using these headphones. I heard things I've never before experienced in my music collection. Very good for jazz, acoustic listening.

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