• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    As far as carrying your Mac items go, nothing compares.

    • Written by from Edmonton

    I've have this backpack for almost a year now and love the idea and concept of it. When I just need to take my Mac, iPad, iPhone and accessories, this is by far the best backpack I've ever had. With that being said, just recently my stitching on one of my arm straps have broken, exposing the inner padding. Other than that it's been awesome. If you plan on using this for school and expect to carry books around in it, it's probably not the backpack for you. I don't have binders and to get both my book and Mac into the backpack for my day is a battle; other than those two things though I have no complaints. The backpack is lined with soft material and the elastic holder compartment is genius. If you're looking for a unique backpack to carry your Mac around while keeping you Mac accessories organized this backpack is for you.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Was expecting bigger--looks like a purse on me!

    • Written by from Pittsfield

    That's really my only complaint. I'm a 225lb man and when I strap this backpack on, it looks a little too small--SILLY small! My girlfriend laughed at me when she saw me try it on!! Lol, but I need it for work and knew when I bought this that it wouldn't replace my backpack, and it's actually a good thing that this bag is smaller than my normal backpack because it will fit in there easily with my sketchpad, lunch, etc. All that aside, this bag feels really well made, the zippers seems sturdy and are quite obviously waterproof when you see the labia-like folds (lol sorry for that comparison) that cover the zipper. The felt-ish liner inside and the cushioning for devices feels great and I'm confident that I made a good choice. I need to bring so many little accessories and cables and drives and styluses and blah blah blah with me, and instead of shoving them in my old Jansport, they ALL fit neatly in the front pocket gird. I love it! Too small for me to wear at my size, but TOTALLY does the job. I'm actually surprised somebody complained that this bag was "WAY TOO BIG". You're kidding, right?

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