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    Bose SIE2i Sports Headphones

    • Written by from Lexington

    I bought these headphones after I had bought 2 pairs of Beats. The first pair were the Studios and then the urBeats, both of them worked great with no issues. The only problem was that I couldn't work out in them because of the sweat and the static that kept happening. So I finally asked why and I was told that urBeats are not made to work out or sweat in. Then I was referred to Bose SIE2i Sports Headphones. Since I work out a lot and I work outside at a golf course these were the right fit for me. The sound is amazing but not the same as Beats. The Beats are real bass heavy and still sound good but the Bose SIE2i Sports in my opinion have much better sound quality and are great to work out or do anything active in. One thing I didn't like was how they didn't block outside sound like my urBeats did. So unless your working out in a very loud area these headphones should work for you. The Bose SIE2i Sports are not cheap but in my opinion they are worth every penny.

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    • Written by from Bellingham

    I bought these headphones although I had seen some questionable reviews, but I must say that I cannot see any problems with them. They fit in my ears perfectly and are not only extremely secure, but also amazingly comfortable to wear. No matter how much or how hard I shake my head they do not move at all, which is exactly what I wanted since normal in-ear headphones fall out of my ears even when I'm not moving. The sound is phenomenal (it is very clear and sounds incredible) and these headphones are superior to all of the headphones I have ever owned. I could not be happier with Bose. I highly recommend them to everyone!

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    Worth the price

    • Written by from Seattle

    I've had these for almost a year and love them. I decided to bite the bullet and shell out the cash for this particular model because I have small ears and have had nothing but trouble finding ear buds that fit, are comfortable and resist sweat. This model has been a dream come true for me...oh and the sound in unbeatable.

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