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    Well Engineered, Awesome Cans

    • Written by from Toronto

    There are certain products where the amount of money you spend, doesn't always reflect quality, headphones are one of those products. Now a days with the influx of 'Lifestyle' headphones you can pay upward of $400 for a set of cans simply because they are a certain brand or have someone's name attached to them. This is NOT the case with the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ears.

    The money you spend on these (which is actually pretty reasonable) went to the sound engineering, materials and design that created them. These are amazingly good. The day after I bought these I wore them for 8 hours straight. I listened to hip-hop, indie acoustic, opera and some 90's grunge on them and they handled everything with ease. The sound was and still is fantastic. Their versatility, comfort, build quality and portability make them my favourite pair of headphones, at least for now.

    They're clearer and a bit more punchy than their big brother, the Over-Ear Momentums, which is a good thing. The sound isolation from the listeners perspective is pretty good in my opinion. They aren't specifically built for that though, so if thats what you're looking for you should probably compare them with a pair of the Bose Sound Isolation cans. There is a bit of sound leakage but its not bad at all. The mic and remote work really well, I especially like the remote because they used buttons you can feel with your fingers instead of the cryptic apple remote cylinder which you have to look at to operate. Also in traditional Sennheiser style, the cord attaching the headphones to the device you're using is removable and can be exchanged for a regular, non-remote cord (which is included) or replaced altogether if it were to break.

    All told they are well worth the roughly $250 CDN you'll end up paying after tax, and beat out by a mile any others in their category.

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