• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Who actually gave these 5-Stars? Headphones a "Fail" for me.

    • Written by from Leicester

    I chose these headphones (with integrated mic for phone calls) because of the 5-Star review they got. And, my experience with them was far from 5-stars! I gave 2 stars (vs only 1) because they do actually seem to be made with high quality materials and, if you might actually get them to fit in your ears, it seems they would sound great. But, that is where the fail comes in for me....

    1) I tried every ear piece that came with these headphones, read their silly directions about "how to properly place these in your ears" several times, and nothing worked for my ears. I was quite surprised at how difficult it was to get these headphones to both stay in your ears and fit "the way they are supposed to". You would think that a pair of headphones as expensive as this would have figured this out!? I mean is this really rocket science? Wearing a set of headphones? Not sure whose ears they fit in, but they were not mine. Because the ear pieces kept falling out I found them quite uncomfortable as, no matter what ear piece I tried, I was forced to keep pushing them back in my ear to get them to stay.

    2) Because these headphones were not easy to fit in my ear the way they are "supposed to be", the sound was what I consider to be terrible. If you do not have these headphones jammed deeply into your ear or with a perfect fit to whatever the manufacturer designed as "a perfect fit", you are going to loose all of the base in the sound. So 95% of the time (after the first 10 seconds after jamming the headset deeply into my ear and then started to fall out), the sound was uncomfortably only reflecting mid and especially higher frequencies. No low frequencies. I basically could not use these most of the time I wanted to.

    3) The over the ear piece is made of flexible rubber which would not easily actually stay over you ear - then what's the point? So I again found these headphones to be clunky in trying to get them on your ears (definitely not for a quick phone call or for what I consider to be every day applications) and they were certainly not easy to actually keep in place on my head for every day practical use.

    So either I have some strange alien ears over here (don't think so) or RHA needs to go back to the drawing board on these.
    On that note, hoping this review might actually be helpful for some folks, I am an male that is 5" 5' (on the shorter side of most American Men) and would consider myself average to stocky build. I have been a musician and into sound engineering most of my life so my ears are beautifully perfect for my body type. So, who knows, maybe these headphones were made for giant people? Not sure what the deal is but, again, these headphones were a huge disappointment for me.

    This item was returned to Apple after a couple of weeks of trying to make them work.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Earpods are better.

    • Written by from orcutt

    The reason I am sending these back is because the Apple Earpods sound extremely close to these. The MA750i has same same bass, mids, but exaggerated highs which I do not like. These are prosthetically sturdier and are a little louder than the Earpods but sound quality wise earpods sound better not even including the fact that earpods cost $100 less. My experience: I'm an 11 year musician, I can tune instruments by ear and have a collection of studio headphones.

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