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    OVERRATED! Bad for Music but Acceptable for Conference Calls

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    Okay enough is enough. I have to pipe in because I think it's the right thing to do to let other buyers know the real deal about this product. To start, it's key to note the first review for this product gave it a high rating BUT they use it mainly for conference calls (not music listening!). I don't use this for conference calls but rather I bought it to use in our kitchen so my wife or I could easily connect our iPhones or iPads to it to stream music via iTunes or SiriusXM. Although it has an appealing design the sound quality is pathetic! I wasn't expecting a speaker that would sound powerful but rather something that would satisfactorily replace our kitchen hand-held/old-school radio. Sadly this unit fails. In fact, I often find myself ENDLESSLY turning up the volume wheel looking for it to give me at least a medium sound level which just isn't possible without the sound becoming distorted. If you want this for music you will NOT be happy but if you want this for conference calls it will be just fine. Oh and one last thing this product doesn't pair well when there are Android and iPhones in the same house and paired to the unit. The unit seems to automatically prefer to connect to an Apple product and not Android even when the Apple product is in standby mode. Overall I'm very frustrated with it and feel like it was a bad purchase. I would return it but I can't because I waited around too long hoping it would get better but sadly it has not. Right now it's sitting on my desk collecting dust and is used as a paperweight. Argh!!!

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