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    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    I purchased this item in hopes of enjoying the stand. The stand is beautiful, sleek, and overall looks like an amazing product. I placed it on my night stand and placed my computer on it, within minutes after placing it on the stand I hear a light "crack". The shell now has a scratch (or crack) on it, its so hard to tell what it is, but the silver is now a light gray on the shell. So outraged!

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    Handy Space Saver

    • Written by from BEDFORD

    Bought a few months ago and can say it's a real space saver.

    The AluBase is a very nice looking and matches the Apple laptop color perfectly. I have a 23" ACD connected to my late model 2012 MBP (HR Antiglare). There are no issues with the AluBase other than the way the power connects to the computer. You have to have the L shaped power line connected up which blocks the Ethernet connection or have the computer slightly hanging off the desk and the L shaped power ling point down, otherwise you cant keep the connection connected. But that's not the AluBase's fault, if the power line was like the old or new style there would be no issue. As far as heat and fans blowing, if your using intense apps the fans will be at full load...not sure if that's the result of having the lid closed or that part of the exhaust is blocked by the AluBase.

    Highly recommend for space saving....and nice looking!

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