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    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I've used my UrBeats now for about 6 months with no issues, in fact I've been thinking about getting a 2nd pair just in a different color. Regular, hard-plastic ear buds hurt my ears after a while, but these I can use with the little double decker ear tip forever without it hurting. I take calls with these, especially in the car (with one in my ear the other out). It's so much better than putting my dirty phone up to my face every 10 minutes.

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    Super cute but easily broken

    • Written by from Woodside

    I usually used Apple basic earbuds since I got ipod 4th generation. I had been using apple basic earbuds and I used each of pair almost a year when I get new one. I thought apple earbuds are pretty durable and has pretty good sound quality. So I never tried other ones. But when I saw this product, I had to buy it. The color was super cute. But I used this one only 4 months. Actual usage period in outdoor is less than 2 months because this one didn't fit well for me. I just hold and use in my home from time to time but it's broken already. If you want super cute item almost $100 but not lasting a half of year, you can choose this maybe. I completely disappointed with Beats and I am not gonna buy this brand anymore.

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    These earphones are amazing!!!

    • Written by from Thermal

    HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these earphones! they sound amazing and are very nice looking. ��

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    Great headphones...until they broke two months later

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    I really liked these headphones when I first got them. The sound was a huge improvement to the headphones provided with the iPhone. About 3 months after purchase, the sound on one earbud blew out. The next day the earbuds stopped working completely. I called the manufacturer about the warranty. They would not replace the exact item I purchased as it is a limited edition item. Begrudgingly I accepted the white version.
    Overall, I am highly dissatisfied with these headphones. While dealing with customer service went very smoothly it does not make up for the poor quality of these headphones. These headphones have multiple reviews online which show many other people were duped when buying these headphones. I took a great risk in buying these headphones and I completely regret it. I'll never purchase another beats product again and I will advise everyone I know to do the same.

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    I like the colour

    • Written by from Cheras

    Tat sound is really nice

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