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    Best protection

    • Written by from Phoenix

    When I purchased the Lifeproof for iPad case the sound was muffled with FaceTime and video camera. I contacted Lifeproof directly and was sent a new case. The first case had the microphone cover just a little off center causing the microphone to be partially covered. The service from Lifeproof was quick and easy. Apple would have taken it back but I felt I wanted to deal directly with Lifeproof so they would see the problem. I followed all install instructions (including the water test). The cover doubles as a stand and works well.
    I also have the Lifeproof case and arm band holder for my iPhone 4S.
    I am very happy with the performance of the Lifeproof products and the way they stand behind their product.

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    Amazing Product

    • Written by from Croydon

    Absolutely thrilled with my life proof case for both my iPad and iPhone. I have not taken under water film with the iPad yet but I have washed it under the sink with great results. I have taken underwater film with the iPhone version in the pool and the clarity is amazing. I wish the stand was designed differently but its not as flimsy as it looks online.

    Pricey but its well worth the peace of mind that your investment is protected and even more functional with the underwater capabilities.

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    Love it

    • Written by from Cupertino

    Must buy !

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    Issue with the Lifeproof Nuud for iphone 5S

    • Written by from Vancouver

    Great case - one problem. Lifeproof claims perfect screen response right on the box, and my unit is not perfect. The control center swipe function is not compatible with the case. I have spent a great deal of time trying to get it to work using my thumb, pinkie, forefinger, alternate angles, etc. It works about 1 in 5 tries. I tried taking the phone out and re-installing a few times without success. I read many reviews on-line and a few buyers have experienced the same functionality issue, while others are in love with the case. It may be that only some units are defective, so I will be returning mine for another one to see if this is the "case"... either way I strongly recommend that if you are considering purchasing the Nuud, to try it on in the store first.

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    • Written by from Clarksville

    Great idea. I just purchased the Ipad mini for my 9 year old son last friday. I wish this case was mentioned to us. I really like to clear case and thin light weight case.

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    Not Totally LifeProof

    • Written by from Mississauga

    I guess I'm spoiled with my OtterBox Defender for my iPhone 5 as it has a built-in screen protector which I absolutely love.

    Thought I'd give this one a go for my iPad ... Hey wait a minute, where's the built-in screen protector? I suppose LifeProof thinks there's no getting the screen scratched in this life.

    It's like popping a kid's ballon. LifeProof goes through all the trouble of making this case waterproof, blah, blah, blah, but does NOT bother protecting the iPad's screen with a built-in screen protector. Instead the case seals in the iPad around it's own glass screen. It is what the company terms as, "Nüud". I assumed Nüud meant a super thin, high tech, responsive plastic layer (it got me all excited) for maximum pleasure and protection. LOL. So much for making up new words. The funny part is that there's a clear plastic screen to protect the back of the iPad... And yes, the iPad is installed the right way!

    The case is good, but feel you are really paying for the waterproof feature because chances are you'll never get your screen dirty or scratched underwater.

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    It works, but it doesn't

    • Written by from Roanoke

    Let me qualify that statement by saying that, if you buy this case to keep your ipad protected from water damage, it will work well, but only under perfect circumstances. Let me expain.
    I bought this case to protect the ipad that I use for my children. The first thing that surprised me is that the case that you get is extremely low-tec. It costs $150 once you add the tax on, and for that you get a glorified plastic box with a rubber gasket. Even if you can get past the fact that it is under no circumstances worth that much, there is more that awaits you once you've bought it.
    1. The main blue gasket that provides the waterproofing between the two 'halves' - This is very hard to work with when you open the case. It takes multiple tries to get it to be in the exact right position so that when you close the case, you can use the "home' key. If it's not aligned just right, once you've closed the case, the 'home' key won't work, and you have to open it again and try and realign it. Even after doing it dozens of times, it still took me 3-4 tries to get this right every time.
    2. The blue foam piece on the clasp that covers the charge slot - This is the piece that ultimlately caused the LifeProof case that I had to fail, and resulted in me losing my ipad. I know that LifeProof provides no warranty on the product that they are supposed to protect so I didn't bother asking, and yes, I did leave the ipad in rice for 1 week (I'm somewhat of a rice expert, having successfully recovered my saturated Iphone) and it is not working at all. The problem with this piece of foam is that it is so easy for a child to pick off of the clasp (it's only glued on, and not very well at that). I had the first lifeProof case that I got replaced because that part came off, and then, last month when I took it into the pool to get an underwater shot of my son, I wasn't aware that someone had picked that part off in the last week or so and the ipad case filled up quickly and soaked the ipad. My complaint is that such a vital piece is so poorly affixed.
    I am not trying to discredit a decent product. The people at LifeProof are helpful and replaced the first one when the foam piece came off. But the fact remains, if you are shelling out almost 40% of the cost of your iPad to keep it save, you expect something that is fool-proof (child-proff).
    On the strength of that, and the fact that I now have to shell out good money for a new iPad, I can't recommend this case to anyone.

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    Poor results with llifeproof iPad cover

    • Written by from Kerman

    This is the 2nd one I've purchased. The 1st one started to come apart after 1 1/2 yrs
    I purchased a 2nd one in April It has already started to come apart
    I thought the DARK GREY RUBBER wasn't that important because it had slits on both sides. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!
    My iPad dropped into my spa for only a second!!' and it go wet!!! I'm very disappointed

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