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    horible case

    • Written by from Medina

    When I was working at work ( kids party center) I was using it for our green screen system and it dropped on carpet from my hands and it cracked the screen ONLY AT 4 FEAT!!! Everyone says it such a great case and it protects but it doesn't. Lifeproof told us that the device wasn't covered under the warranty.

    Very disappointed

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't be fooled its horrible

    • Written by from Upland

    FOR (ONE) The rubber buttons on the outside case that surpress your own iPads buttons do it all the time and don't stop and its hard to get them to work properly like the sound button etc for one are continually suppressed making the sound bell icon on the screen permanent and never releasing or the photo button taking a zillion pictures by mistake cause it gets continually pressed by the outer rubber one. (Two) snapping the case together is a pain as it uses a rubber thin tube gasket that fits in a thin slot and comes out of its slot unintentionally all the time and is hard to keep in its slot and is constantly popping out and inhibiting the case from closing (Three) its hard to snap shut and easy to crack the case because it almost has to be muscled and forced to close and reopen. overall its overpriced i totally regret buying this.

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