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    Here's the Key...

    • Written by from glen ellyn

    If you have a case on your iPhone or iPad (like a very high percentage of consumers!) you'll have to get a lightning to lightning (eight pin to eight pin) adapter. They're available on Amazon for a very low cost. This allowed me to successfully charge both my iPad and iPhone without removing the cases. However, the front charger sits precariously high with the adapter on it. The back adapter feels much safer for the iPhone but it's cumbersome getting the iPad connected.

    That being said, this is obviously not an ideal situation. I haven't come across another alarm clock that charges two lightning devices, so, with the adapters, it's the best option that I'm aware of.

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    Good product, with some gotchas

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    I've been using mine for about a month now. Overall it's a pretty nice system, but does have a few quirks.

    - The sound is really impressive. I'd expect nothing less from an iHome product, but it bears calling out.
    - The alarm features are much more refined. You are able to set the wake-up volume, etc (whereas my previous ihome you usually hoped it would be at the right level).
    - Can handle up to 3 devices (2 lightning and one usb). Really nice if you're a gadget nut.

    - plugging in or unplugging a secondary device causes the primary device to reconnect. In other words, if i go to plug my ipad into the dock, my iphone will buzz as if its been reconnected.
    - My primary device when the alarm is going off will also buzz / ring when the alarm is going off as if its reconnecting. I don't know if this is an issue with my system, but it's really annoying in the morning.
    - secondary lightning dock is difficult to plug an ipad into (takes some jiggering) which is a result of how the connector is oriented.
    - Secondary lightning dock is impossible to use if you have any kind of case on your ipad (i had a speck shell on mine, which is pretty thing). Often i end up using the usb port for my lightning cable so i don't wake my girlfriend up at night.

    Bottom line, this is good if you have a bunch of devices, but there are some issues that still need to be worked out for the overall design.

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