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    Sena cases are great! Apple needs to pay more attention to accessories.

    • Written by from Raleigh

    I recently upgraded my 4S to the 5S and purchased the TIGHT-FITTING black leather case from the Apple Store. I saw a friend with one and thought it would be just the case for me (phone stays usually in a suit inside pocket) The problem came when I started retrofitting my accessories. Bought a small adapter to place over the larger 4S one and found out it would not go deep enough into the phone to charge it with the case on. Getting the case on and off is not a reasonable measure to take - its very snug fitting. So I took the adapter back and paid the difference for the entire USB cord, which does fit the with the case on. I can understand the need to change plugs as the technology gets more sophisticated by accessories should not pose this type of problem.

    I have had many Sena cases, all for Blackberry. Quality products.

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    Nice leather. But iPhones 5s w/Apple case does NOT fit

    • Written by from Albuquerque

    Okay if you are going to use it with a naked iPhone 5S. But if you add the Apple leather case (or any other case for that matter, no matter how thin the profile), this Sena holster will no longer work for you. The fit is very tight and unforgiving. This also makes it just a bit of a chore to pry your naked iPhone out of the holster.

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    Sena case

    • Written by from Spring Branch

    I have a Sena case for my 3G, It still functions as new 2 years later. The new Sena case fits my 5C perfectly, but the snap on protector does not fit my phone properly and will fall off, I cannot use it..

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