• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Excellent sound

    • Written by from Thessaloniki

    I purchase the Zeppelin Air with lighting connector before 1 week. Very easy set up. Excellent sound and basses. I like it!

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    AirPlay Super, sound, hmm

    • Written by from Bielefeld

    In contrast to many other frustrated buyers I didn't have ANY problems in setting up the Zeppelin Air and connecting it to my wireless network. I guess I was somehow lucky in that respect. Maybe it helps to choose a "free" frequency for ones WLAN in advance. Setting the Zeppeling up with the App of B&W took 3 minutes and it worked flawlessly ever since.
    My concern is with the sound: despite of all the ravishing critics it IS muffled, both when using it via AirPlay and as a soundbar for the TV: with my normal TV- speakers I can for instance hear in a film scene birds twitter and crickets chirr whereas there is absolute silence when listening to the same scene with the Zeppelin Air. Even an exchange by the very helpful German customer service of B&W didn't improve matters. The heights and mids seem thin and as if a blanket covered the music, which saddens me especially because I mainly listen to classic, where you just have to have details and some brilliance in sound in order to be able to enjoy the music! So I'm somehow quite disappointed with the sound on one hand but can't help loving my Zeppelin Air on the other hand, because it is wonderful in every-day use as an AirPlay device that can be controlled from my whole apartment and fills all 70 square meters with ease (and looks stunning, too)!

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