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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    great hard drive

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    The desktop hard drives I had experience with were often so heavy, clunky, and noisy. Yuck. I needed a new one and dreaded the purchase. Then I saw this Porsche Design P'9233, and fell in love. It is a pleasure to use it every day at work. It tirelessly and effortlessly backups up my mac laptop, and sits quietly standing by when not in use. Heavenly.

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    Good drive

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    This is an excellent product. It works reliably, transfers are zippy using the USB 3.0 connection to my mac, and it has been absolutely rock solid. I have no issues recommending this if you need reliable desktop storage. Looks great too.

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    Easy use. Sleek design.

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    This drive works brilliantly well. It's fast, elegantly designed and seems very sturdy. It's also very quiet and I love it. I even talked two of my friends into buying this drive and they love it as well.

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    Great Device!

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    My hard drive was full of my home movies and I had to get something to put them on and this is what I chose. Super easy, very seamless. Worked great with iMovie, works with OSX Maverics. Purchased November 2013.

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    Very satisfied

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    Really impressed with this drive. It looks great, is very well built, and does the job for me. The transfer speeds are excellent. The eco mode seems to be working well, it keeps the drive cool and quiet when not in use.

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    Great Product

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    I've only recently moved to Mac after years wrestling with Windows machines. After losing all my files to a Windows virus I was pretty keen to back up my computer regularly. This drive is great, I just plug it in and it backs up my Mac automatically.

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    Gorgeous Design

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    There are some concerns about the intensity of the drive activity light being too bright or distracting, and I can see some truth to this, but this is a Designer Drive Chassis - it nearly matches the fit and finish of Unibody MacBook Pros, Mac Minis, Airs, and iMacs. It looks and works great paired with a 3TB Fusion iMac, and if it wasn't for the Porsche Design stencilling on the top side, it looks like a natural extension of my iMac. Super quick on USB 3.0 -- I backed up 1.2-million files (699GB) in less than one hour on a first-write Time Machine backup. The drive does have an energy savings mode, whereby the platters spin-down to idle after a period of inactivity, so this is really a Mac storage extender, and not suitable to be attached to an Airport Extreme or Time Capsule.

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    Excellent Drive

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    This drive makes my work much easier by relieving me of having to worry about available disk space (I need a lot of space for backing up my work archives) and letting me set up encryption for sensitive work files. Excellent speeds, quiet operation, good looks, and solid feel don't hurt, either!

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    I'm sure it's a good HD, but....

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    Just received my new LaCie HD today, and am quite impressed by it's sleek design. The software that came with it made setup a breeze, and although it's somewhat noisier than my Seagate 3TB Thunderbolt HD, it seems to be a good, solid drive, much like the previous LaCie HD I had.

    However, there is a major design flaw with the drive, in that the light on the front of the unit is ridiculously huge. I have this particular drive attached to the my Mac Mini I have connected to my HDTV. Both units sit below the TV, and when I dim the lights to watch a movie, the LaCie indicator light is absolutely blinding. Then, when the drive starts to read or write, the flashing of the indicator light is impossible to sit in front of. I have covered most of the light with a small piece of tape, which doesn't look so hot, given that LaCie seems to be so proud of their Porche design concept. But it works and so long as covering that ridiculous light with tape doesn't void the warranty.

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