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    • Written by from olinda

    Great product! Usefull, beaultiful, sofisticaded and light. I hate typing on screen so this keyboard saved my life. It's perfects to write documents, text of any kind and even to chat. The small size is not a problem. Typing on it is smooth and confortable. I love it.

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    Highly recommended

    • Written by from Atlanta

    This little keyboard is great. It is well constructed and the "look and feel" is that of an Apple accessory. As soon as you "hook" it to your mini with the magnetic hinge, you will forget that it is not an Apple OEM device. (Of course, it does say "Logitech" but it is a nicely made product that really fits with the style and construction of the mini).

    It can go up to 6 months of use on a single charge and when you do need to charge it, it comes with a micro adapter that has a USB end that can plug into your mini's wall adapter or into a powered USB port on a laptop. A flashing light will indicate that it is charging.

    As a tiny keyboard, it isn't going to be ideal for heavy duty work productivity but it's fine for typing emails, editing, composing short documents, or anything else you might need to do where a larger, more ergonomic keyboard isn't necessary. The keys are of course small but within about 15-20 minutes of use, I could type at a very good pace. There are a number of special keys that come in handy, too.

    The Bluetooth connectivity was simple and trouble-free; it took about 20 seconds to connect.

    The keyboard is extremely thin and lightweight; the bottom, which doubles as the cover for your miini, is aluminum and works. The inner edge of keyboard has very small, slightly raised rubber protectors that ensure that screen doesn't rub against the keyboard. The keyboard also has a slot to place the mini in landscape orientation; this serves as a stand. One caution is that because there's no backstand, your mini is sitting in that slot and can fall over if you don't have the keyboard on a stable surface. Overall, nicely engineered product. If I were to change anything, I would put a more powerful magnet in the slot that holds the mini, to provide some extra stability.

    As an aside, I've gotten a number of compliments to the effect of, "What a cool little keyboard!"

    Note that while this keyboard doubles as a screen cover for your mini, it does not provide any protection for bangs or drops. I recommend you get a sleeve lke the rooCase, which works nicely with the mini and attached keyboard cover.

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    • Written by from Woodbridge

    Sleek and functional - what more can I say?

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    Very Cool and Useful item

    • Written by from Atwood

    My first iPad is a Mini iPad because I had no desire to lug around the original size iPad. I was thrilled when they announced the mini iPad and I love it. It easily fits in all my handbags, light weight, easy to hold and carry. The only problem has been trying to find a solid, useful case for it. I have purchased others that were extremely heavy and had to return them (not here at apple but else where). I do have the pink smart cover but I wanted something a bit more substantial and solid than just a smart cover. This logitech ultrathin keyboard cover is absolutely 100% great! I like everything about it, even the nice presentation box it comes in. It includes a charging cable for it which is a bit short, I'd prefer it was a tad longer but not a big deal overall. It's not only very functional, it's very cute. Light weight but solid enough to help in protecting your mini iPad. I'm glad I bought it.

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    extremely satisfied

    • Written by from Montreal

    love it ! Typing is easy, its a hard cover at the same time and it matches the ipad's style.

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