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    • Written by from Dothan

    I spent a good 80 bucks and I get an alarm that is useless I have been late for work 6 times already. Do I have to spend 150 bucks or not! I am not exactly rich! This is crazy.

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    Deal Breaker

    • Written by from Metairie

    I installed my iHome yesterday evening and was so excited to have it. I had wanted a unit that combined three features; Charging, Play Sleep Sounds and a Clock/Alarm.
    However, the light is so bright and there is no inbetween. The lowest brightness is so dark you cannot see it during the night unless you turn a light on, and the one above this is so bright you can do puppet shawdows three feet away! It's the white background light causing the problem. Should have done a red or blue, on black. I will be returning this one and getting the smaller square iHome to use just for Charging and Playing my sleep sounds. Hope you can fix this in the future.

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